Private Applications

Vulcan in your home or building
Vulcan protects the whole piping system in your house. It cleans old pipes and protects water heaters, washing machines, etc. The bathroom fixtures are protected: filters, shower nozzles and tiles stay cleaner.
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Protect your private swimming pool and jacuzzi
Private swimming pools demand constant maintenance and careful monitoring. The circulation pumps process large amounts of water and are sensitive to scaling. Vulcan protects the equipment and pipes and makes cleaning (e.g. waterline, tiles, showers) much easier.
Jacuzzis: The combination of water, circulating air and pressure in a hot tub tremendously enhances scale build-up. Vulcan makes the cleaning of the tub easier and reduces deposits in the pipes and valves. Covers and tiles on the floor or walls will show less hard scale stains.
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Water heater and heat exchangers
When water is heated with oil, gas, electric or solar heating technologies, scale likes to settle on the heating elements and heat exchangers. The loss of energy due to the less efficient heat transfer is tremendous. Vulcan helps to reduce the scaling and extends cleaning intervals. Water tanks in the primary and secondary circuit will need less cleaning and the frequency of cleaning periods will be extended.
Solar water heating
Using a solar powered water heater for your house is a smart green alternative to traditional heating methods. Vulcan prevents scale-build up in the system. It keeps the heat exchangers and distributor pipes clean. Furthermore, Vulcan reduces scale build-up in collectors, it protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes and keeps the system from over-heating. There is no more need to circulate acids.
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Vulcan and water softeners
a. Vulcan replaces water softeners

Vulcan is the Eco-friendly alternative to regular salt-based water softeners. It is not recommended for young children or older people to drink water that has been treated with a salt-based softener. In addition, the use of softeners is polluting the environment. When installing Vulcan, an old system can easily be circumvented by simply bypassing it.


b. Vulcan as an addition to water softeners

Vulcan is the Eco-friendly alternative to regular salt-based water softeners. However, if you want to keep the softener running due to special reasons, you can save large sums of money when using Vulcan as an aid. The use of Vulcan will decrease the amount of salt that you need to add. This cuts down costs for salt, maintenance intervals will be extended, fewer malfunctions with backwash valves etc.