The benefits - better running machinery

Cooling towers
Vulcan significantly reduces scale deposits. Bleed water is no longer toxic and bacterial contamination is minimized. With Vulcan, the cooling tower can be operated at higher cycles of scale concentration which minimizes water usage.
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Solar water heating
Vulcan prevents scale build-up in the system. It keeps heat exchangers and distributor pipes clean and reduces scale build-up in collectors, hot water tanks or vacuum tubes. It keeps the system from over-heating. In addition, there is no more need to circulate acids.
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Grease traps
Vulcan improves the handling of grease separators in two ways: The grease that is collected on top forms less clusters and is more homogenuous which makes it easier to pump it into an external tank. The Vulcan-treatment also prevents the remaining water from scaling in the tank; pipes, valves and pumps stay cleaner.

Ice machines
Ice machines build less deposits in their production which keeps the machine running more reliable. All ice-cream machines as well as ice cube or crushed ice production face similar problems.


Vulcan and other water treatment products
Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters
When Vulcan is installed before a RO-system it helps in two ways:
1.) The filter membranes last longer and work more effectively as deposits on the sensitive membranes are minimized.
2.) Vulcan helps that the particularly hard permeate water (leftover water) can be handled easier and causes no damage further down the drain.


Vulcan and water softeners

In production and industrial settings, you may need a softener where there is no tolerance (zero tolerance) for any calcium in the water. Vulcan can then improve the performance of the softener. However, in numerous cases, you can get rid of your softener and replace it with a Vulcan system.

a) Vulcan replaces water softeners

Vulcan is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional salt-based water softeners. The salt that is distributed into water when using salt-softeners is polluting the environment and is not recommended for young children or older people. The old softener system can easily be put out of use by simply bypassing it.


b) Vulcan as an addition to water softeners

Vulcan is the Eco-friendly alternative to regular salt-based water softeners. However, if you want to keep the softener running due to special reasons, you can save large sums of money when using Vulcan as an aid. This cuts down costs of salt, maintenance intervals will be extended and there is less malfunctioning in the backwash valves, etc.