FAQs - Installation and Operation


Is it difficult to install Vulcan in my home?

Vulcan is designed as a do-it-yourself product. It sits outside the pipe and you do not need to cut into the pipe. The installation is very easy and takes approx. 10 minutes. No tools required.

How do I know which size Vulcan is needed for
my application?

Please check the pipe diameter in the area where you want to install Vulcan. Then choose the unit that is designed for this size.

Where should I install Vulcan in my home?

Vulcan is mounted outside of the pipe with no need to cut the pipe. It should be installed at the point where the incoming water supply line is going into the house. Most of the time this is close to the water meter. This way, a single Vulcan treats all the water pipes in the house. European homes usually have a basement, so the main water pipe sits somewhere there, inside the house.

Many homes allow access only outside the house. This again is usually where the water meter is located. Vulcan is a waterproof unit suitable for outdoor installation. We also offer a range of additional features such as a solar power charger in case that there is no power supply nearby.

How do I know that the Vulcan is operating

Red pilot lights at the cable outputs indicate that the impulse generator is operating efficiently. In case these lights are not illuminated, please check the power supply voltage or contact your local distributor.

Which voltage ranges are suitable for the
electronic power supply unit?

All Vulcan power supply units are suitable for voltage ranges between 87 volts – 260 Volt and 50 Hz – 60 Hz. It can therefore easily cater to all international power plugs. We are glad to supply you with the correct power supply unit in case of an international relocation.

How many units do I need?

Private homes are taken care of with one unit that treats the whole house. In larger buildings or industrial settings, it depends. Typically, one larger unit gets installed on the incoming water supply line to the building. If you have a cooling tower or closed loop systems, another smaller unit would go there.

What are the power costs of Vulcan per year?

Vulcan is completely maintenance-free. The cost of electric energy per year amounts to approx. 5-7 US$ (~ 4-5 €).

Do you have any other questions?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about our products. A customer service representative will be glad to help you. Contact Hyperton inc. using the contact form or write to the German Headquarters.

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