FAQs - Miscellaneous

How long has CWT been in business?

Christiani Wassertechnik dates back to the year 1948. The specialization in physical water treatment took place in 1977 when senior Managing Director, Rolf Christiani started research and development in this field. CWT is an owner-run company with three generations of family members spanning the history.

What kind of warranty do I get on Vulcan?

Vulcan has a full 10-year warranty and has a 30+ year life span. It is German TÜV-certified and is CE, CUL and UL listed. Your Vulcan unit is 100% covered under most circumstances. The units have an expected life of over 30 years and are imbedded in weather proof acrylic casts. By purchasing from the manufacturer and listed distributors, your warranty is well-assured. German quality standards and excellent customer service have been our priority for over 60 years.

I heard of similar products and that they don' t
work. Can you explain?

There are similar looking products to Vulcan on the market that claim to do the job, but don't. Almost all other products on the market are working with inductive (electromagnetic) technologies. You can easily recognize them by their cables. Those cables run in a loop from the electronic unit - to the pipe and back into the unit. In comparison, Vulcan works exclusively with capacitive impulses that guarantee a stable output. Its impulse bands end on the pipes, similar to antennas. Furthermore, regardless of inductive or capacitive impulses: Vulcan utilizes far wider frequencies of 3,000 - 32,000 Hz (= 3-32 kHz) and operates with energy levels at 24V. Read more on the differences in technologies here. Christiani Wassertechnik (CWT) is the oldest German manufacturer of physical water treatment. The product specialization in this field began in 1977 and we are constantly developing new technologies.

Do you have any other questions?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about our products. A customer service representative will be glad to help you. Contact Hyperton inc. using the contact form or write to the German Headquarters.

CWT Headquarters Berlin - Germany

Phone +1 (917) 300-0494

Email: info@cwt-international.com