FAQs - Water Quality

How do I know the water hardness of my water?

Your local waterworks provides detailed information on the chemical composition of your water. It lists the calcium and magnesium content and usually provides information on hardness in gpg (grains per Gallon) or in ppm (parts per million). Read more on water hardness classifications.

Up to which degree of water hardness can Vulcan
be applied?

Vulcan operates within a high performance frequency range and is the only unit with a 24 Volt Technology. It can thus be successfully applied to problems with a very high degree of water hardness. Vulcan has successfully treated cases with a water hardness of 950 ppm (~approx. 55 GPG) or more.

Does the Vulcan treatment have a softening
effect on the water?

The treatment does not change the overall water hardness. Unlike in chemical water treatment systems (e.g. a water softener that uses salt) the water treated by Vulcan does not lose minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The natural composition of the elements in the water remains the same. However, due to a change of the water surface tension your skin will feel remarkably softer. You are sure to feel this effect when taking a shower or even simply washing your hands. Most importantly, scale loses its adhesive characteristic. The treatment does not, however, change the measured water hardness. So on a chemical level you have the same hardness before and after the treatment.

Do you have any other questions?
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