The Vulcan Impulse Bands

Vulcan operates with customized isolated copper impulse bands that are designed to firmly connect to the pipe. They are extremely thin and flexible with minimized isolation. This way, they achieve minimal spacing loss and maximize the direct-contact-ratio to 97.5%. Their special copper material with a high alloy purity degree guarantees the best possible transfer output. The copper treatment bands are a crucial factor to the performance of the water treatment.


Treatment with standard cables vs. impulse band


treatment-areaTreatment Area

Comparison: The Vulcan Impulse Bands accumulate more direct contact compared to round cables as there is less spacing. The direct contact ratio reaches 97.5%.

The pipe diameter/treatment area ratio
The impulse bands cover the surface area that is vital for the treatment. The surface of the pipe that is covered by the impulse band is the "treatment area". This area needs to be large enough to ensure that the impulses are transmitted through the pipe. As a general rule each impulse band should cover a treatment area of at least the length of the individual pipe diameter where Vulcan is to be installed.

If you install a Vulcan 5000 on a 2” pipe, each impulse band should cover a pipe length of min. 2”.