Daily Savings Running costs for Machinery

Vulcan improves the performance and efficiency of many machines that operate with water. The use of Vulcan saves you time and money from day one of the installation.

Machinery and appliances have

six typical money saving areas

1 Scaling inside the machine is minimized.

2 If additives are used they are often more effective and last longer.

3 The machine can run longer before it needs to be serviced again. Often cleaning of the parts is much easier.

4 Less repairs and less need to replace individual parts.

5 Tanks that carry water or other liquids need less maintenance and cleaning thereof. Most of the time it is much easier and faster. This reduced service time results in fewer production breaks.

6 Less biofilm and bacterial growth allows a reduction of control measures and chemicals to combat this.

Some examples of savings potentials for machinery

Cooling towers

Higher cycles of scale concentration which minimizes water usage

Less clogging and therefore fewer malfunctions

Less maintenance service needed per year

Easier cleaning of the tank

Less toxic bleed water with minimized bacterial growth

Info-sheet: Cooling Towers

Solar water heating

Less scale build-up in the system - distributor tubes, heat exchangers, vacuum tubes, etc.

Less maintenance service per year

Less repairs of individual parts

No more need to circulate acids

Info-sheet: Solar Application

Reverse Osmosis Filtration (RO)

Filter membranes last longer

Leftover water less aggressive